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2012  |   WHAT A MESS!
Group Show at Art Fair in Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall in Fredrikstad, Norway 24-26 of august.

Ballade of id, object made out of small table and dead branches with sound. Id-pictures is 8 documentary photographs with close-ups of plants and shrubs.
In id-pictures and Ballade of id, I wish to visualise and achieve a better understanding of Freud's structural model over the psychic apparatus, "id, ego and super-ego".
Id or the unconscious is said to consist of displacement and densification. Id breaks through with emotional outbursts like cracks in the personality.

© Mona Malmström 2012

© Mona Malmström 2012

Id-pictures - © Mona Malmström 2012

Id-picture 1 - © Mona Malmström 2012

Id-picture 5 - © Mona Malmström 2012

Id-picture 6 - © Mona Malmström 2012

2012  |   Themes of Civilisation.
Group Show at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm 17-19 february and Gocart Gallery 9 mars-1 april.

Whip Nature! is a mirror "Made in China" bought in a Dime store, applied with a floor mat with cuts and a frame that is painted green. Best Friend Snap is a series of snapshots taken at dog shows.

Whip Nature! - © Mona Malmström 2012

Best Friend Snap - © Mona Malmström 2011

2011  |   Lifeboat.
Group Show at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm 18-20 february

Snug Retreat. A nesting box with nails on top painted with white colour. A mirror is placed on the inside.
A short mention and photo on (In dutch)

Snug Retreat - © Mona Malmström 2011

2010  |   S. White Gets the Picture.
Solo Show at Gocart Gallery in Visby, 29 oct-20 nov

"S. White Gets the Picture" deals with interpretations out of what we obtain in the media and the world that surround us. Walt Disney's classical film version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from 1937 could be read as a story of an awakening, as described in oriental mysticism in seven steps. Information for this interpretation is searched for and found on the internet. The exhibition raises questions about what we want to believe and what we choose to embrace as the truth. Seven paintings represents stages of personal growth and awakening. On the floor - a group of stoneware figures shaped as bended knit hats in different colours which corresponds to the hue of the paintings.

Straight into the fairytale world, interview in Swedish Radio P4/Gotland (In swedish)
Article in Gotlands Tidningar (In swedish)
Article in Gotlands Allehanda (In swedish)

S. White gets the picture - © Mona Malmström 2010

Seven Mountains - © Mona Malmström 2010

2010  |   POST-IT - a world exhibition.
Galleri Rostrum in Malmö, 18 sept-10 oct

Thankyou and Goodbuy - © Mona Malmström 2010